OH MY GOSH!  Who knew?  Did you know that Santa has his own international organization and educational group. I didn't.  More than 1,000 Santas, and even the "real"  Santa was there.  .  We spent last week in Branson at the Chataeu on the Lake.  They wanted a real live reindeer and we took "Brownie".  He was amazing.  He had his picture taken 100's of times and he was as docile and good as he could be.  He even got his fill of treats.  They had a car show, a sleigh show, snow olympics, a vendors show, etc.  All things Santa were on display.  Okay, only the family friendly things were displayed.  Needless, to say anything and everything that happened last week was blamed on the guy in the red suit with the white beard.  It was a great learning experience and a great deal of fun.  I got a naughty/nice coin.  I have been flipping it every day to decide how I'm going to act that day. I assumed that is what it is for.  Anyway, Santa if you are checking up on me "I WANT IT ALL!!"  Oh, and "World Peace."

Next week, Brownie will be at "Christmas in July" at Lawrence Dumont Stadium with the Wingnuts, The KC Wine Company in Kansas City, and possibly at a KC Royals game.  Stay tuned for more adventures of Brownie. our very own cookie monster and his flying friends, Sterling, Lena, and Itsy Bitsy.

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